Yuan He 何源   PhD, Associate Professor, PhD Supervisor

The System and Ubiquitous Networking Group

My research is dedicated to tackling significant problems in the field of networking and systems, with emphasis on studying theories and inventing new approaches to structure, design, and implement networked embedded systems. The main goal of my research is to make networks and services built upon them as ubiquitous and efficient as possible, and to help human beings to better manage the physical world by utilizing networking technologies.

  • IoT & CPS:
    Industrial IoT, cyber-physical system, sensor network, network meansurement, diagnosis, debug, and management.
    The Pavatar project: a real-world industrial IoT system that enables automatic surveillance and remote diagnosis for Ultra-High-Voltage Converter Station.
    Team leader of GreenOrbs (绿野千传): A long-term kilo-scale wireless sensor network system in the vast forest;
    Team leader of CitySee: A long-term city-wide urban sensing system for Carbon balance evaluation and environmental surveillance;
    : An integrated sensor network system for environment surveillance on  the sea. (Experiment Video).
    Our latest artice on IEEE SPM: "From Surveillance to Digital Twin: Challenges and Recent Advances of Signal Processing for Industrial IoT".
  • Wireless Network:
    Low power and battery-free wireless networks; Wireless coexistence; Cross-technology communication; Network concurrency; Ad-hoc networks, etc.
    A latest survey in Chinese: "Recent Advances in the Research on Wireless Network Co-existence at 2.4GHz / 2.4 GHz无线网络共存技术研究进展" (PDF)
  • Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing:
    Human-centric computing & networking; Mobile VR & AR; Mobile affective computing; Navigation, localization and tracking, etc.
  • Cloud, Overlay, and Datacenter Network:
    Software defined wireless / software defined datacenter networks;
    Data-centric routing and search, multimedia streaming, topological analysis, etc.
    2013-2014中国计算机科学技术年度报告——软件定义的云数据中心网络研究进展 (PDF)