OceanSense aims to build an integrated sensor network system for environment surveillance on  the sea. The focus of this work is to acquire and analyze information about environment factors such as temperature, light illuminance, sea depth, etc. Current methods are mostly labour-intensive and the data collection lacks both the density and consistency of samplings. By deploying a wireless sensor network, we are able to achieve continuous surveillance on the sea environment.

Different with traditional land based sensor networks, most of which consist of stationary sensor nodes, the sensor network deployed on the sea consists of Restricted Floating Sensors (RFS), anchored to the sea bottom, floating within a restricted area on the sea surface. The complex impacts brought by the wind blow, tides as well as ocean currency affect our system architecture, algorithm design and sensor node manufacture.

We are deploying the working system in Tsingtao, China. We use TelosB motes and TinyOS as our development basis. Current system consists of 20 sensor nodes deployed in the field, reporting sensing data continuously to the base station. The complete system is designed to scale to hundreds of  sensors covering the sea area off Taipingjiao, Tsingtao.

Data Center

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       Yunhao Liu, Assistant Professor at HKUST 
    Xiangyang Li, Associate Professor at IIT, USA

Zhongwen Guo, Professor at Ocean University of China
Feng Hong, Assistant Professor at Ocean University of China
Minglu Li, Professor at SJTU
Lionel Ni, Professor at HKUST

Team leaders:
Mo Li, PhD student at HKUST
Kebin LiuPhD student at SJTU
Mingxing Jiang, Mphil student at OUC

Team members:
Zheng Yang, PhD student
Yuan He, PhD student
Hanjiang, Luo, PhD student
Xiaohui Yang
Guangpeng, Lv
Song Xie
Wenli Pan
Zhengbao Li


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