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GreenOrbs: A Long-Term Kilo-Scale Wireless Sensor Network System in the Forest

The missions of GreenOrbs are two fold:

On one hand, GreenOrbs realizes all-year ecological surveillance in the forest, collecting various sensory data including temperature, humidity, illumination, and carbon dioxide titer. The collected information is utilized to support various significant applications, such as forest surveillance, forestry observation and research, fire risk evaluation, and succor in the wild.

On the other hand, GreenOrbs pioneers the effort in the sensor network community to build a practical system. Through the real-world experience in GreenOrbs, we expect to explore the potential design space and scientific solutions, especially addressing the research and engineering challenges for a wireless sensor network system that is deployed in the virgin forest, involves 1000+ sensor nodes, and needs to operate for over one year.

Previous website was published here: http://greenorbs.org