In April 2011, we launched the CitySee system as the extention of GreenOrbs into urban CO2 monitoring area. CitySee inherits the self-organizing WSN technology of GreenOrbs like wireless mesh. The goal of CitySee is to deploy thousands of wireless sensor nodes in an urban area of Wuxi City, China, such that multi-dimensional data including CO2, temperature, humidity, light, location, and etc. could be collected in a real-time manner for further analysis. The main applications of CitySee include measuring the carbon absorbance and emissions in different zones of a city, supporting the government’s policy decision in energy saving and emission reduction, and offer citizens with convenient daily living services.

Wireless Mesh Node

Wireless mesh networks are high-throughput, multi-hop and self-organized wireless networks. In wireless mesh networks, each node can communicate with one or multiple peer nodes directly or via the mesh network. Such capability separates data transmission from a fixed AP, and enables packet delivery between peer nodes. In wireless mesh networks, nodes join the network in a plug-and-play manner. On adding or moving devices in the network, wireless mesh networks also automatically detect topology changes, and adjust communication routes accordingly to maintain the most efficient transmission paths.